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Bukowski Design Bears

Designed by Barbara Bukowski and created by Bukowski Design AB in Sweden, all of our luxuriously soft, incrediby adorable, Bukowski plush items are made with only new materials of the highest quality.

All items are CE approved according the EN 71-1/2 standard. The materials are syntethic in order to minimize the the establishment of germs and damp when the bear becomes wet. It also makes the washing easier and minimizes the risk of allergy. All products are washable in 30 degrees handwash. All materials are flameproof without any flame obstructive chemicals. All eyes are secured and locked, attached with a secure lock on the inside. Every baby item have eyes, mouths and noses embroidered by hand. Some of the items have plastic beans inside in order to give more weight and feeling to the bear. The beans are secured in inner net bags and don't fall out even if the seam would break. The plastic beans are round and bigger than 2mm in three dimensions according to european security standards. The bears are generally filled with polyester and repellant to moisture. This makes them dry faster after washing.

Bears and friends from Bukowski Designs. Once you pick one'll find it hard to put it down....adorable. huggable and oh, so soft. Bukowski Design started as a small family business in Sweden in 1990 where Barbara Bukowski originally drew inspiration from old German and English teddy bear designers, such as Margareta Steiff, as she sewed teddy bears for her two sons. These bears are loved and hugged by them to this day.Today, Bukowski Design is one of the leading companies in Europe, setting the benchmark in design, manufacture, marketing and sales of teddy bears and other soft and huggable animals.